We convert any Company on fintechs.

We help any B2B company generate new revenue streams by embedding their own payment and financial services.

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How it works?

Your brand, your business, your conditions, our technology

Plug n' Play

End-to-end integration in a month.

Open and Collaborative

It incorporates value-added services of its own or of the ecosystem, to enrich the experience at the point of sale.



We solve the end-to-end payment process so you don't have to worry about anything.


With a single integration you can provide solutions in all the countries where the company operates.


State-of-the-art devices, all payment methods available on the market



World class security at a simple cost: single fee per successful transaction.

The latest technology in POS devices

Accept all payment methods

Technological scalability, based on Android® 10

High definition image capture

100% enabled for contactless payment technologies

Menta POS Device
Menta Admin Dashboard

Manage permissions and roles for all platform users.

Customized reports with the full details of the transactions.

Quickly register all the businesses in your ecosystem

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